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plan to eradicate the saiyan earth vison palydia

plan to eradicate the saiyans  Zetsumetsu Keikaku: Chikyu hen

Earth Chapter
Prologue: A Mysterious Threat
dr raichi is talking about revenge against the Saiyans and putting a plan into motion. A large group of creatures flies towards the screen and we cut to the title. chapter 1 destorn gas goku fiamly chilling at home and gohan notcinig woods dying. popo arrives with news if destorn gas and whatnot



Afterwards, Goku and Gohan decide to gather more information on what to do next.
The game presents you with three choices; Karin, Kaio and Mutenroshi.
  • They visit Karin, who comments that Yajirobe has left without even cooking dinner. He is aware of the situation but challenges Goku to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, the prize being information.
    • If Goku loses, Karin tells him to return when he feels calmer, or visit another person.
    • If Goku returns, Karin's already stuffing his face.
    • If Goku wins, Karin says he doesn't really know anything and that they should visit Bulma instead.
    • File:Dbzgaiden1.JPG



File:Gohan u t3.png

 File:Gohan goku t3.png
Chapter 2: capsule corporation
They go to Bulma's and Popo's also there now. She's never heard of Destron Gas, it's not on the files. Gohan asks Bulma to try and create an anti-agent. Goku asks where the gas is coming from. Bulma says the gas is not naturally found on Earth, so something must be producing it.

Bulma is busy analysing it so Gohan uses another computer to look for where the gas may be coming from. Gohan manages to pinpoint three locations; West Desert in the Nishi Continent, Poco Poco Volcano in the Vitamin Archipelago, and Grand Apollon.

As they are leaving for the islands Piccolo appears saiying that since Kami is part of him now, he knows what's going on. Suddenly Arbee and Kinkarn attack and a battle ensues.

If Goku punches Arbee, he collides with Kinkarn and they break through the Capsule Corp building, ending in a tea party with Panty.
  • If Goku tries to shoot a Kamehameha, it fails to come out.
  • If Goku kicks Arbee, he then kicks Kinkarn, they collide and they break through the building ending in Bulma's garage, Bulma throws cans at them and tells them to stop bothering her research and clean after themselves

  • Goku tries to shoot a Kamehameha and it fails, the monsters shoot him with ki balls and he counterattacks. No matter the choice, Goku will attack them physically until you select the Kamehameha again, Goku tries, fails, Piccolo and Gohan try it themselves and also fail; the monsters counterattack. gohan is sucker punched in has face and stomach by one if the monsters

    File:Gohan trys fire mansko at Kinkarn but Kinkarn disappears out if the way.png
    File:Gohan gets punched in the gut.png

    File:Gohan fights kinkrin and abree.png
    File:Arbee knees gohan in the gut.png
    File:Monsters blasted gohan.png
    Popo tells them that they can't use Ki because of the Destron Gas. Arbee and Kinkarn start dividing into many copies and they heroes continue battling.

    Possible endings
    Arbee and Kinkarn  keep dividing into many copies and there strength incresres and they beat up the heroes arbee elbow gohan the stomach witch make the boy spit then fellow up by punching gohan
    face pulling has hair kneeing has stomach goku piccolo get kick in there faces by kinkarn and stomachs to the destorn gas effect gohan faster then goku and piccolo and gohan coguhs few times retuen to has nroaml form get punched in the stomach goku retuen to has nroaml form soon after
    and gohan goku piccolo are over powered defeated and killed

    THE HEROES  ARE ABLE TO get the upper hand
    Upon defeating them, they travel to their destinations trying to find the generators

    Chapter 3: Grand Apollon
    Goku searches for the generator in the Grand Apollon region.
    • If Goku goes to the Canyon he finds finds Yajirobe roasting some lizards. He tells Goku to leave saying there's not enough food for him.
      • If Goku returns, Yajirobe is still there, eating. He reinforces the fact that he will give none to Goku

    If Goku goes to the Valley, he finds ox king making a path by mowing the grass with his bare hands. He says that he started at home but he simply can't stop.
    • If he returns, ox king is gone

    If Goku goes to the River he finds Uranai Baba washing her clothes, she is quite embarassed by it. She urges Goku to leave.

    • If he returns she's still washing her clothes

    Goku goes to the Rocky Mountains he finds the generator, fights Ponkarn, defeats him and destroys the generator.

    Chapter 4: The West Pyramid
    If Gohan goes to the Oil Rig he finds Tao Pai Pai who is annoyed by his presence. He complains that ever since super strong guys like Gohan appeared, he was forced to change his line of work in order to survive. He then tells Gohan to leave.


    • If he returns Tao Pai Pai is shouting, annoyed at the lack of oil

    If Gohan goes to the Dinosaur Graveyard he finds Yajirobe roasting a dinosaur, it is implied that all the skeletons around where left by previous meals. I guess.
    • If he returns he finds Yajirobe laying around being fat.

    Upon arriving at the region around the West Pyramid, Gohan searches for the generator.

    • If Gohan goes to the Oasis he realizes it was a mirage.
      • If he returns he falls for the mirage again. (gohan  your not to smart.)
      • If Gohan goes to the Pyramid he realizes that that's where the gas is coming from. He traverses through the pyramid until reaching three corridors.

        • If he chooses the left one he finds a treasure room and Oolong laying on it.
        • If he chooses the right one he finds a dungeon
    If he chooses the middle one he... arrives on the other side of the pyramid. (Couldn't he have just flown around?) Jiku instantly attacks him and Gohan counterattacks, he feels his Ki returning and defeats Jiku with a Kamehameha,but not befor  jiku punchs gohan in the stomach and then gohan throws; ki ball at the generator  and  his blast back fries

    if gohan trys htiing the generator again at the top he blast black fires again and hits him kncoknig him out
    if gohan picks the right one then he destroys the generator with a Ki ball.


    gohan get has hair pulled

    gohan gets punche din the stomach



    Possible endings
    gohan is over power  with blows to has stomach face and neck and is defeated and killed 

    gohan defeats has foe

    Chapter 5: Poco Poco Islands
    Piccolo goes to the Poco Poco Islands to search for the generator.
    • If Piccolo goes to the Crescent Isle he finds Yajirobe roasting some fish saying that the fish of that region are famously delicious.
      • If he returns Yajirobe is still there.

    If Piccolo goes to the Small Isle he discovers that it is in fact a whale.

    • If he returns the whale is swimming away.

    If Piccolo goes to the Volcano he finds that he cannot get too close due to the magma, so he visits Bulma. She gives him three capsules.

    • If Piccolo chooses Capsule 1 he gets the Banshosen which only seems to make the volcano's fire more intense.

    If Piccolo chooses Capsule 2 he gets the freezing capsule which freezes the entire volcano. Piccolo then enters a cave and traverses through it until reaching the generator, which is also outside. Seriously, why didn't he just fly there? He finds Kawaz, who put mines everywhere, trying to fly after Piccolo, he falls and all the mines activate, explode and kill him and destroy the generator.

    Adios Piccolo!

      • If Piccolo chooses Capsule 3 he gets a hazmat suit which burns away as soon as piccolo gets near
      If Piccolo goes to the Battle Ship it sinks as soon as he lands.
    • If he returns the ship is fully sunk.

    Chapter 6: The Ice Continent

    Bulma notices another generator at the Ice Continent, enclosed in the eternal ice wall.
    The gang goes there and are attacked by a bunch of monsters.

    If they do really well, they manage to defeat all the monsters and destroy the generator.

    If they start struggling, Gohan tries punching and gets  get sucker punched in the face by skud Gohan tries kciking and gets kicked in the face by skud punched in the stomach by skud gohan trys blast and miss
    File:Piccolo trys to attack skud.png

    File:Skud about to punch piccolo.png
    File:Skud punchs piccolo in the gut.png
    File:Piccolo hurt.png

    File:Gohan runing to hlep goku.png

    File:Skud gohan hd7.jpg
    gohan shocked

    skud see gohan coming

    skud duges gohan,s punch

    gohan shcoked

    skud punchs gohan in the face

    File:Gohan arm.png
    File:Gohan shcoked 2.png
    gohan tired

    gets punched in the face by gure

    Vegeta and Trunks will join the fight and they quickly dispatch the monsters and destroy the generator

    if they stuggle to much then goku gohan and piccolo are over powerd and killed by the monsters

    Upon defeating the horde of monsters, Dende informs them that the gas levels keep rising and that another generator has been detected at Tongary Tower in the West Capital.

    Chapter 7: Tongary Tower
    They reach Tongary Tower and Vegeta tries to destroy the generator, but it is protected by an energy field.Suddenly, Freeza and the other villains from the past appear and an all out battle begins



    turles about to punch gohan in the stomach
    turles punchs gohan in the stomach


    turles kicks gohan making him spit

    turles appers behinded gohan and gohan is shocked
    turles hits gohan

    turles hits gohan neck making the boy cough up spit

     gohan confused that turles dispaperd

    turles duges gohan punch

    turles nalry brokeing gohan neck

    gohan fells to the gounr after getting blasted by turles

    gohan hits the ground after being blasted by turles

    Add caption

    Add caption

    gohan leys on ground

     gohan dos not understand how turles keeps getting stronger

    fireza kicks future turnks

    frieza about to blast future trunks

    frieza blast future trunks
    future trunks gets blasted

    future trunks hits  city wall

    piccolo punchs slug

    slug punchs piccolo in the stomach

    slug punchs piccolo in the face

    sulg appers behind picoclo

    slug kicks piccolo
    fireza blocks vegeta blast

    Unfortunately, every time the heroes kill the villains, they reform stronger than before.and then the destorn gas takes full effect on gohan future trunks fist do them being haff saiyans
    then soon after effect goku vegeta and piccolo

    Possible endings

    They all attack in unison and manage to destroy the generator

    • The Ghost Warriors manage to overpower and kill the heroes.aka turllces and friends kill the heroes
    teen gohan fells to ground dead after being defeated and killed by turles

    File:Gohan is dead v5.png

    gohan on ground dead after being defeated and killed by turles
    File:Vegeta is dead v1.png
    File:Vegeta is dead v2.png
    vegeta leys on ground defeated and dead after being killed by fireza
    File:Trunks is dead v1.png
    File:Trunks is dead v2.png
    future trunks leys on ground after being defeated and killed by fireza

    File:Dead picoclo v1.png
    File:Dead picoclo v2.png

    piccolo on ground dead after being defeated and killed by lord slug
    File:Goku is dead v2.png

    File:Goku is dead v3.png
    goku fells to ground
    File:Goku is dead v4.png
     goku leys on ground dead after being defeated and killed by cooler

    turles fireza cooler slug after over powering defeatring and killihg teen gohan goku trunks vegeta and piccolo
    frieza and firned laugh at the defeated and dead teen gohan goku future trunks veegta

    The game actually stands on it's own with the heroes either destroying the generator or getting killed by the villains. These are unique outcomes not shared by the other versions and ti one only times you see teen gohan on king kai plant

    and it nice to see the z fighters lose for once and it nice to see that bart teen gohan final get killed by turles this some nice revgne